Yuppiechef delivers. In every way.

So last week sometime I blogged about Yuppiechef and my voucher, which was redeemable at their store, as well as waxing lyrical about their amazing service. At the time I was undecided between getting a new, much needed, candy thermometer, or, indulging, and getting the hubby and I a set of proper cappuccino cups. Well, common sense prevailed and this morning, in true Yuppiechef style, my thermometer was delivered.

To say it felt like another birthday is an understatement! Receiving the delivery through their courier, then, happily opening the package, thereafter the box, finding the magnet with a smile- like a kid with a much awaited toy, reading the handwritten personalized card as if it were a love letter, finally… Unwrapping the item. Sheer joy and happiness. Every. Single. Time.

Have a look at the pics and see for yourself just how amazing these guys are!

So, what made me settle rather than indulge you ask?! Well, this thermometer not only has the temperature markings in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius, but also comes with markings telling you which stage your candy is at. Perfect for those times you receive a recipe telling you to ‘boil till caramelised’ or ‘cook till it reaches the soft ball stage’ It is also perfect for use when cooking, especially for chips and frying fish.

And now, that’s it from me, I will do a post when I use this baby, and will let you know how it goes.

Much love

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