Wicked Donuts

For the last few days I’ve been craving donuts. Not just any donuts mind you, Wicked Donuts to be exact. I had tried these donuts when they had first made their delicious appearance on the Durban food scene, and I thereafter had the opportunity of having them a few more times thanks to amazing relatives who love spoiling us ( and help us get fat.. not phat! )

Today I was in the vicinity of the Shell Garage just off Peter Mokaba Ridge road. Now they happen to be the one place where the donuts are stocked daily.. Not once, but twice a day!! You’d think it would be easy to get some of these babies because of that, but believe it when I say it’s akin to the amazing race- first to the garage gets the goodies. They sell out THAT fast. For me, today luck was on my side, I happened to pop in with no hope of getting any, but as I parked I saw the drop of van leave *happy dance* got myself a good stash and my oh my, as usual they did not disappoint. 

A few flavours from the Wicked Donut range

Their range of flavours are outstanding, the quality and standard definitely up to international standards, so much so that my sister in law recently said that she preferred these to dare I say it.. Krispy Kreme gasppppp!!!

The coconut one tastes like a Rafaelo

Each donut is hand crafted and orders are taken either for delivery or pick up as well personalized should you wish to go that route. You can also find them at the local markets but be warned you need to get there early to avoid disappointment. 

Now just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, let me advise you to follow them on Instagram @wickeddonuts as well as  Facebook as they ALSO do Donut Drops! A donut drop is essentially a random selection of either a company, individual or school whom they choose to surprise with a box of delicious donuts. Awesome right, I mean here in SA we have someone doing something as amazing as this! 

Go on, try them, you know you want to..!! 

2 thoughts on “Wicked Donuts

  1. It really warms my heart to see that you have had a better experience than the last at Boiler Room. Wicked Donuts is a labour of love, 3am starts Mon to Sunday and honestly trying to defy the difficulties of yeast raised products has proven to be an enormous challenge. The begininng was tough because we had so much to learn, but Im sure now that some of the hard reviews had a part in shaping our product into what it is today…uncompromising, in freshness and quality. We deliver twice a day to Shell not because they sell out quick but because we rotate the stock and wont allow our morning donuts to be sold in the evening. Our donuts have around 8 hours shelf life and this is one of the biggest challenges. We are getting better and we are enormously grateful that the general public has stuck by us during some of the hairy moments in our teething phase. Thank you for this review, Im a blogger myself and appreciate the time to have take to share this amazing feedback. Much love and have a WIcked day! Check out my blog on wordpress – WIcked Donuts

    1. Hi Jeanne,

      Wow, I’m super impressed by you guys! Well done to you on building a brand as wonderful as yours and high fives on being so open to constructive criticism along with the praise. May you grow from strength to strength and overcome all obstacles. Do keep in touch and if ever you’re in my area give me a call and pop in- not for a donut drop but rather for a cup of coffee by me 😉

      Here’s to wicked friendships, an amazing brand and delicious donuts!

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