Wicked Donuts at The Boiler Room Cafe

Finally, finally, I settled a mad, crazy, almost pregnancy like craving for something I had never tasted, but only heard of, at a place that I was itching to visit ever since I had first heard of it about 3 weeks ago.

Sounds crazy right?! So what and where was all the fuss about you ask?! Well, it was for donuts, Wicked Donuts to be exact. Delicious handcrafted donuts made up in errmazing flavours. Donuts which have been likened to the mother of all donuts- Krispy Kreme donuts! And the where was the newly opened, fab, hip and happening coffee shop known as The Boiler Room Cafe

So were the donuts worth all the hype? And what about a decent cappy at the cafe? Yes, the donuts deserved the praise, definitely not a Krispy Kreme but a close runner up for sure- slightly too oily for my tastes and the cafe made a very good cappuccino which would have been perfect had it been less milky and the milk not over heated – unfortunately that’s the trend that seems be found around town. Oh and a hair šŸ™ luckily it wasn’t on my doughnut, but hubby found it on his, being a good hearted soul he got rid of it and didn’t make a scene.

Absolutely love the set up at The Boiler Room Cafe, located at the iconic Lion Match Factory, it is beautifully airy and full of natural light. A cappy and donut combo costs just R30 making it a good deal for those wanting a treat. Donuts are made fresh daily at the Wicked Donuts premises and they are also available at the i Heart Market, they can also be ordered telephonically direct from Wicked Donuts before 5pm for delivery the next day, a sure winner in more ways than one.


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