Vienna & Chip Rolls.

Being the 3rd fast of Ramadan, we’ve just been having savouries so far at Iftar. We break fast with dates and a mug full of Kahwa ( arabic coffee ) say our prayer, and then eat a small variety ( 2-3 ) of savouries as well as have some haleem, a nourishing broth made up of barley and meat. Greek yoghurt topped with dukkah- an Egyptian spice, made up of toasted nuts, herbs, seeds and spice, is also quite prominent on our table and always served with naan bread or crusty rolls.

Tonight the kids were liss for some fast food. Their request is something which has over the years become a favorite in our home during the fasting period.

Simple, quick and I must say, not healthy. This year, with the Actifry there was none of the deep frying which I would normally do.

All you need is:

6 hotdog rolls, sliced open
3 Viennas- sliced
2 – 3 potatoes cut into chips
Tomato sauce
Mustard sauce
Chilli sauce of your choice
Salt and red chilli powder
Grated cheese.

Fry the chips. In a pan fry the Vienna slices. Since I did mine in the Actifry, once the chips were almost done I added in the Viennas. Cook till done.

Chips & sliced Viennas

Chips & sliced Viennas

Throw the chips and Viennas into a dish and season with salt and chilli powder.
Add in about 2-3 tbls of each sauce.


Toss well, then spoon into the hot dog rolls.
Top with some cheese.


Wrap each roll into foil and heat in the oven before serving till the cheese has melted and it is nice and hot.

Bon Appetit!

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