The Morning Trade @ 8 Morrison St

Finally made a much anticipated trip down to The Morning Trade Market this past Sunday. What joy! The company was awesome- my brother and sister in law along with ‘Ninja’ my cutie of a nephew, my youngest daughter and I – the vibe was Cape Townish, the place was an indoor picnic, and the food.. Sigh, such variety.


I went there intending to have the much talked about Masala eggs at Con-Fusion, as well as the raved about falafels from Falafel Fundi, but alas my tummy betrayed me, because fter thoroughly enjoying the eggs, I was much too stuffed.. Well, with every con arises a pro and in this case it merits another trip 🙂


About those eggs, yummyyy! Scrambled eggs cooked up with onion and spice, served with soft masala potatoes on the side and a dash of amazingness, I mean chutney, along with a roti at R25 and it can quite easily feed 2. For dessert..fresh and I mean fresh, hot, authentic koeksusters also from Con-fusion, at R40 for 6 it is a little steep, but then it was good and it was piping hot!

The eggs were washed down with a fresh, delicious lemonade, light and so so refreshing with its hint of mint.. Then I headed to The Gourmet Greek to purchase my much sought after tub of yoghurt ( Their Haloumi is uhmazing too! ). Thereafter we hit the protea stall for what has to be thee most stunning proteas for my sister in law courtesy of my brother and ice cream for my daughter from Legendairy, whose ice cream sounded quite legendary from the reviews I had read, but whose ice cream was for me, a total and terrible waste of the crazy R25 I scooped out for it, ice cream which tasted like whipped cream which had been churned along with icicles 🙁

All in all, a very pleasurable experience, which has finally upped Durban’s bragging rights, as well as introduced such a variety of organic and well produced goods. Besides the stalls mentioned, I looked upon with interest at the fresh veg stall, sweet treats in the form of cakes and Macarons, cheese stalls and another stall I’m going back to visit- an artisanal bread stall whose croissants and sour dough breads caught my eye.. Ohh and another very very interesting stall who had salads as well as desserts in a type of cone.. Tempting right?!

8 Morrison St is situated just of Brickhill Road.


2 thoughts on “The Morning Trade @ 8 Morrison St

  1. Totally agree on the ice cream! I had the same experience. The cone shaped treats are from Out to lunch. The wraps are served in a banana leaf made in to a cone.Their vegan burger is amazing! The cacao flavoured almond milk is really good. The falafels are perfect but i prefer the platter option as I am not a fan of the roti. Enjoy!!

    1. Hey hey,

      Thank you for the feedback, now I cannot wait to get back there, unfortunately that definitely won’t be for the next 2-3 weeks :(((

      Thanks for the recommendations as well, I think I’d want both the falafel wrap as well as the platter coz I’m greedy like that ;p

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