The Al Ansaar Home Industry Market Day

On Tuesday the 3rd March,  The Al Ansaar Foundation hosted it’s first home industry market day at their premises in West Rd, Overport. The market was held to give ladies who ran businesses from home- by making things themselves- a platform on which to showcase, sell and promote their goods. 

What a market it turned out to be, with a resounding success all round. The turnout of ladies who took the time to come in, mingle and purchase to support the home stalls was astounding and the credit has got to go to one individual, a presenter of the Al Ansaar radio station, Miss Sabera Sheik Essop. 

The initiave was taken by Miss Essop to host the market day thereby allowing home makers who might otherwise have remained unknown, to shine and showcase their talent.

Images taken from the Al Ansaar Facebook page.

Below are images of the set up and table which I had at the market. The goodies sold were French Macarons, Ready to heat and eat homemade cinnabons, strawberry flavoured candy apples, thee most fudgey yummy homemade brownies and of course dec.a.dent. 

Ps All treats which I make, are made from only the freshest and best quality ingredients and nothing is made using pre mixes, all totally from scratch ensuring happiness in every bite 😉

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