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Smash Potatos

Yesterday I visited the Checkers store at The Atrium ( old Overport city) and was pleasantly surprised. They stock a large variety of imported goods at very reasonable prices and I must say that they have a beautiful range of fresh produce, some of it the usual, but a lot of it different to what you find in other supermarkets.

As I walked the aisles it was all I could do to not stuff my trolley with ingredients that would make yummy dishes.

In the end I settled on a few key items which I knew I would definitely use sooner rather than later, one of which was red skin potatoes, something I hadn’t seen anywhere in ages.

I bought a bag knowing that they would go perfectly with the chicken dish I had planned for supper later that night and I knew exactly how I wanted to prepare them.

Here’s what I did:

– Boil 5-6 potatoes in salted water till cooked( depending on how many you want to serve)
– Once boiled, remove from the pot, drain and cool slightly.
– once cooled, place each potato onto a well oiled pan ( oil with olive oil)
– using a glass or cup, gently smash down each potato.
– liberally drizzle with more olive oil.
– sprinkle with fresh ground sea salt, fresh ground pepper and I also sprinkled on some garlic herbs.
– bake at 180 deg C for approx 15-20 minutes and serve.
– an optional topping would be cheese.

Very tasty, a yummy take on a baked potato but with loads of flavor.

This picture is of the potatoes once smashed, but before baking.