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Easy Salted Caramel New York Cheesecake

Easy Salted Caramel New York Cheesecake

Safiyya Patel

250g biscuits crushed

100g melted butter

Mix the above & press into a greased tin, refrigerate.

Beat together 375 gr cream cheese with 3/4 cup castor sugar.


1 tsp Baking Belles salted caramel powdered flavour or 1 tsp caramel essence

1 tbls flour

A pinch of salt

2 egg yolks -set aside the whites

1 whole egg

1 cup plain yogurt

Beat well.

Whisk the egg whites till soft peaks

Add 1 tbls castor sugar

Fold into the cream cheese mixture

Pour onto the base

Bake at 170 degrees in a water bath for 1 hour



Serve with caramel sauce. a sprinkle of sea salt, candied pecans and some gold leaf bits.

Candied Pecans

Heat a little butter in a pan, add 1 tsp brown sugar and a sprinkle of salt, add a small handful of pecans. Cook for 2-3 mins. Cool on wax paper then use as required