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Crystal Sandwich Styled Naan.

So the other night when we made Iftar at my sister in laws, I forgot to mention that she had a very different ‘sandwich’ prepared as well. It looked so yummy and so pretty to, well as pretty as sandwiches can be, but, her naan was the type that had little segments on it and so it looked like a flower, a very yummy looking flower, and now, I think I’m sounding crazy 😉

Since she gifted me a fresh Naan as I left, I decide to use it tonight to make the same type of ‘sandwich’

What she did was simple, and mines was ready in 15 minutes since I had pre cooked steak filling in my freezer.

Well anyway, here’s how she put hers together.

Minute steak, cut and cooked in salt, pepper, dhana jeeru and ghee, towards the end, add in chopped onion and green pepper.
Fried Potato chips.
Grated cheese
Fried French polony

Once the steak has been cooked, add in some Worcester sauce, crystals sandwich man sauce and steers sauce. Combine well.

Slit the naan, top with steak, then layer your fried chips, fried French polony and cheese. Heat and serve.

So big, so yummy and so mouthwateringly pleasing to the eye!

For mine, since my steak was already saucy, I slit my naan, then spread a generous dollop of crystals sandwich man sauce, a little mayo and some mustard sauce. I then topped that with my steak and continued the layers of chips, polony and cheese.

Like a huge, juicy burger 🙂