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Summer, Glorious Summer

Summer, my favorite season! The season of swimming in our amazing beaches.. gorgeous balmy evenings.. weekend & weekday Braais.. fruit, glorious fruit- cherries, local Durban Mangoes, melons and more and of course ice cream, my favorite food group 😉

What’s not to love about summer!

So, I was shopping the other day and came across two new flavours of ice cream in the Ola Rich ‘n Creamy range. Both based on good ole South African favorites. The one was a yummy looking Milk Tart flavour and the other was a Malva Pudding flavour. Of course I was tempted to buy both, but decided to behave and therein lay another dilemma- which one to buy! Decisions, decisions!!

So finally after much contemplation and probably looking slightly psycho for having taken out one, replacing with the other and vice versa, I finally settled on the Malva.

Whew, I was like kid, came home happily and excitedly waited till after supper to indulge. Verdict: disappointing.. in that it was not quite like what Malva tastes like, but nevertheless, I did enjoy it for the carameliness and yummy soft shortcake bits as well as swirls of butterscotch.

Will I try the milk tart flavour? For sure!