Smoked Salmon Salad

Smoked salmon has always been a favorite in our family but usually we indulge in it by preparing open sandwiches made up of a crusty seed bread topped with sour cream, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes then the salmon which is liberally sprinkled with fresh ground black pepper and a good squirt of lemon.

Today I went the healthy route and must say it was just as yummy, if not more yummy since I knew today that I was eating a totally clean meal.


All I did was prepare a yummy salad which I then drizzled with a herb flavoured olive oil as well as a liberal sprinkling of fresh ground pepper and a slight sprinkle of salt.

On the side I added my smoked salmon, a slice of lime, a dollop of double cream yoghurt and a smaller dollop of herb flavoured cream cheese.

To drink, a glass of my new favorite drink- infused water.

The meal was filling, yummy and healthy 🙂

To make infused water:

Fill a jug of water.
Add in either of these variations-
~ orange and Mint
~ cucumber and mint
~ lime and strawberry
~ peach and strawberry
~ pineapple, mint and orange
~ lime and apple

The variations are endless, the drink is refreshing and healthy and it’s an amzing alternative to unhealthy fruit juice and terrible soft drinks.

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