Simply Salmon | Pan Fried Salmon Steaks


Norwegian salmon, when bought fresh and cooked simply leads to a delicious wholesome and healthy meal. So when we found fresh, gorgeous salmon steaks at Pick ‘n Pay at a really good price, all other plans for supper were cast aside to make way for pan fried salmon to be served with pan seared corn spears, snap peas and mushrooms.

Supper literally took 10 minutes to cook, plate and serve! And what a meal it was. The taste of fresh salmon is something else and when cooked to perfection and seasoned just right, you can’t help but sigh in gratitude when the meal is done.

Pan Fried Salmon

4 Salmon steaks
Fresh ground pepper
Half a lemon
Olive oil

– Lightly season salmon steaks with salt and fresh ground pepper.
– In a pan, add a generous glug of olive oil and a dash of butter.
– Heat the fats till medium hot.
– Place salmon steaks into the pan and cook about 3 minutes either side.
– The flesh will turn from translucent pink to milky pink and flake when touched.
– Do not be tempted to over cook.
– During the last minute of cooking, squeeze in the juice of the lemon.
– Serve with vegetables and salad.

Pan Seared Vegetables

Heat some olive oil and butter in a separate pan.
Add in the veg along with some garlic and herbs.
Stir fry till crunchy but cooked.
Serve with pan fried salmon.


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