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One word, Yuppiechef! Opened my mailbox and had my day made when I found a gift voucher for Yuppiechef, South Africa’s Best eCommerce website for 2013, and I must say, they definitely deserve it. Shopping for premium kitchen tools has never been easier or more pleasurable.

I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing at their online store a few times now and the customer service has never been anything under 100% amazing- from the time you enter their www store, till you receive your order at your doorstep.

A handwritten card, a cute magnet and perfect packaging is couriered directly to your door, at no extra cost. That’s right, shipping is completely free, and with the added touches, each delivery makes you feel as if its your birthday, over and over again.

So, with my voucher I’m planning on either getting a much needed candy thermometer, as mine has given up on me, or maybe a set of double walled cappuccino glasses- as a gift to hubby and I, who quite frankly, as major coffee lovers, deserve it, as drinking our daily cappy out of a regular mug just doesn’t cut it for us :-p

Pop in online and have a squizz, you’ll be amazed at the range and once you are tempted enough to buy, you’ll  look forward to another birthday feeling. Have fun <3

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Yuppiechef online store

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