Scoop Me S’more

Thought that I had satisfied a craving… Now I find that that instead of quelling that craving I’ve just amplified it more!!

So, what am I going on about you’re probably asking..?! Well, I’m just lussing, again, for thee latest craze that has hit Durban, and that would be the Scoop Me S’more yummylicuous ice cream sarmies.

Finally got myself to their spot at The Green Hub where they trade each Friday evening, Saturday afternoon / evening and Sunday and had my day made. Word of advise though, check with them about times through their Instagram account – @scoopmesmore and get the early because you snooze, you most definitely lose!

Unfortunately by the time I got there around 4ish, there was not much left for choice, so I settled on the peanut butter cookies to encase their yummy nougat ice cream and the bonus was that the toppings were free that day, so I got to taste, and go gaga gaga over their brownie topping!

Ermazing stuff!! Wonderful venture and the plus is that since they also do functions we can now eagerly await weddings, braai nights, mehndi nights and what not because who knows.. They might just be there!!!

Finally us ‘Durbanites’ have been able to expand our bragging rights with regard to world class markets, cuisine and artisanal goodies.


Scoop Me S’more can be reached at :


076 102 0120

Or find them at:

The Green Hub, Blue Lagoon

PS: Please note, the write ups that I do on my blog as part of the ‘Product and Place Reviews’ are based on things which I’ve tried out and found to be good for me, and which I’ve been happy with, in no way do I gain from these posts either monetarily or other. Also these posts are usually positive, that’s because I wouldn’t want people to not try something just based on any negativity on my part, I’m a firm believer in trying something for yourself as each individuals experience and tastes differ 🙂

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