Quick & Easy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Shew, summer is here and it’s been hot!!!! Currently I could live on a diet of fruit, infused water and ice cream..!! Having been called an Oliver Twist when it comes to ice cream, ice cream for me could be its own food group and I’d be overjoyed!

The other night my brothers were over, since we were out of dessert my daughter and I pulled out a brownie pre mix. That was all well and good till we realized there was no fresh cream to whip and serve it with, nor was there any ice cream 🙁 all of 2 minutes passed in a ‘what should we do moment’ before hubby said ‘churn some, it will be ready by the time coffee is made!’

So I headed back to the basics, to a recipe which used to be my go to way back when I just got married, till just a few years back. A recipe which requires few ingredients, and can be easily turned to other flavors with little or no trouble.

So, without further ado, here’s how we managed ice cream in just 15 minutes.

Please note, this ice cream was made in such a short time as I used an ice cream machine which churns quite fast. Churning time will differ according to each machine.


Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
1L milk
1 vanilla bean- split and deseeded or 2 tsp vanilla essence or 1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tin condensed milk
250ml long life cream or fresh cream

Combine all the ingredients in a jug or bowl. Whisk till combined.
Place in an ice cream machine and churn according to the instructions.

* For chocolate, make a paste with cocoa and Nesquik and add it to the above, omit the vanilla.

* For strawberry, add in puréed strawberry to taste, or strawberry essence and strawberry Nesquik.

* For coffee, make a paste with instant coffee or use a shot or 2 of espresso.

Handy Hint

Do not discard the vanilla pod, instead place it into a jar of sugar and leave to infuse for a week before using. You will be left with Vanilla Sugar!

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