Quick & Easy Mini Pizzas | 2 ingredient dough.

Today I made up mini pizzas using the quick and easy 2 ingredient dough. I had some leftover filling from last nights Vienna and chip rolls, as well as some chicken, which I decided to use as toppings for my pizzas.

For the 2 ingredient dough:

3 cups self raising flour
Greek yoghurt

Into a bowl, I placed my flour. I then added Greek yoghurt as needed till I had a soft dough.

I rolled my dough onto a floured surface and using a cutter, cut in to smaller circles approximately a centimeter thick.
Place onto a baking sheet. Bake at 180 degrees C for +_ 8 minutes.

For my sauce:

In a pot I added:

A tbls of avocado oil
A tsp of crushed garlic
Some dried origanum
1 packet tomato paste

I then added in a tin of Mexican styled diced tomatoes. I used the Miami brand.


On a low heat, simmer till sauce has thickened. Remove from heat, cool.

Spread some sauce onto each base.


Top with toppings of your choice.


Top with grated cheese, I used mozzarella. Then garnish with some chopped bell peppers. Sprinkle on some dried parsley.


At this stage you can either place in the oven till the cheese melts, or, should you wish to freeze, then place in to a container, using plastic sheets between layers. To reheat from frozen, place into a heated oven till cheese melts.

This recipe is not only quick and easy, but also makes wonderful snacks or lunch box additions.

As a variation, the dough can be rolled into 1cm teardrop shapes, cook on a tawa, basting with ghee or garlic butter, once on each side, between cooking.

A surprising combination of ingredients, making a yummy meal. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Mini Pizzas | 2 ingredient dough.

  1. salaams, please can you tell me at what heat and for how long do You bake the mini pizzas for? Shukran

    1. Wslm Tasneem, it’s baked at 180 degrees C and for 8 minutes as stated in the recipe 🙂 once baked and topped with your toppings and cheese, you then place into a heated 180 degree oven once again just till its heated through and the cheese has melted. Hope this helps 🙂

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