Quick & Easy Holiday Meals

With the holidays upon us, many of us will end up making a trip out of town, staying at a self catering apartment where possible. When you have kids and when you’re away from home for a week or longer, meals become something which needs to be planned. Eating out can become quite costly as well as something you can get tired of quite quickly.

For our trips away, meal planning is something quite simple. Here are some tips based on what I’ve found works for me and my family.

With google and so many other social media platforms, finding butchers and supermarkets that cater for your tastes is quite simple. These days meat can be bought cleaned and ready marinated with rotis, naan breads, pitas and pizza bases quite easily available as well.

For a recent trip away, I couldn’t really take much along and knew I’d have to buy most of my things once we reached. So, we sourced a butcher in the locality where we’d be in. I bought some key ingredients and based my meals around those. Knowing that I’d buy some chicken, I pre packed some spices like the Adega chicken spice, Mochachos spice and also took along sauce. I then bought some naan and roti from the same butcher as well as Viennas and some crumbed chicken strips.

At a supermarket I made sure to purchase spaghetti as well as a jar of pasta sauce. I also bought mayonnaise, tinned tuna, salmon steaks as well as a huge ready made salad. I wanted to be able to serve quick yet tasty meals for my family, but being on a holiday I didn’t want to be a slave to the kitchen either.

Below, you can find some meal ideas based on what I served during our week away. A self catered holiday need not mean stressing about cooking, especially since we all tend to get extra hungry on holiday 🙂

Day 1:

Breakfast: cereals, eggs and baked beans along with our obligatory coffee.

Lunch: Hot dogs which we jazzed up with sauces and slices of jalapeño.

Supper: Marinated chicken in Adega spice to which I mixed in some mayonnaise. I then cooked it in ghee ( butter also works well ) and served it with store bought naan as well as corn from a can which I heated with some butter and chilli powder.

Day 2:

Lunch: chicken mayonnaise sandwiches with the leftover chicken along with salad.

Supper: A salmon steak cooked in butter and ground pepper and salt. Served with salad.

Day 3:

Lunch: Spaghetti and sauce which we jazzed up with jalapeños and some olives, I also added some cream cheese to mine for added creaminess and taste, served with salad.

Supper: Chicken marinated in Mochachos spice, cooked with some ghee and before serving I threw over some sauce- nandos sauce would work well too. Served this with roti and salad.

Day 4:

Lunch: Hot dogs

Supper : Chicken marinated in a tandoori spice which I found at the butcher and then grilled and served with naan smothered in butter.

Day 5:

Lunch: tuna mayo sandwiches toasted.

Supper: salmon steak cooked in butter with salt and pepper served with hash brown potatoes as well as chicken strips for my daughters which I lightly pan fried.

Day 6:

Lunch: spaghetti and sauce served with salad.

Supper: Chicken strips served with salad and eaten wrapped in roti or rolls.

Day 7:

Since we were on the road quite early, I cooked my Viennas and took along my rolls and sauces, we put the hot dogs together when we got hungry on the road.

So this is what I did and I hope this helps simplify holidaying. Change things around to suit yours and your family’s needs and do share your holiday tips as well. Much love always ‘S’

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