Pita’s With A Twist.

Had a beautiful, fun, fulfilling day yesterday ( more about that in the next post ) So when I got home there was very little time to prepare for Iftar. Looking through my freezer I decided to work with the leftovers I had and put something different together.

Out came some cheese, chicken filling, sauces, pizza sauce, mashed potato and pita pockets from Al Bake on Crescent Street which I had extra of from last week- Thee most amazing and yummy soft breads and pitas come out of that bakery and their cream doughnuts are just the best!


So it’s simple, I sliced open the pita pockets and spread on a generous amount of pizza sauce. I then placed some chicken into a bowl and added some sauces – tomato, mayo and chilli- to moisten it, thereafter, I grated in cheese and mixed it to combine.

On to the pizza sauce pitas, I added some mashed potato followed by the chicken. Close, when ready, place onto a sandwich press till toasty and warm.

Bon Appetit :))

One thought on “Pita’s With A Twist.

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