New York’s Halal Street Food Scene.

The Halal Guys

Google ‘ New York’s street food ‘ and you’re bound to find a post, or three featuring The Halal Guys or as the locals know it ‘ chicken and rice. ‘ These guys have taken over NYC’s street food scene with their very simple but highly impressive primary dish which is made up of a platter of rice and chopped lettuce, topped with chicken, which you then generously top with their Uhmazzzing white sauce and oh-so-fiery hot sauce.


Located on the south-east corner of 53rd Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan, the main cart is open during weekday evenings (7pm-4am) and weekends, across from the Hilton Hotel.

A second cart is located across the street from the original cart, on the south-east corner of 6th Avenue and 53rd Street and is open both during the daytime and at night.

The area around the cart becomes an open air eatery with people buying their meal and immediately finding a space to sit down and tuck in.



Be prepared for long lines ( think a line that sometimes snakes around the block ) which moves amazingly fast, a few other copy cat carts ( think exact same logos, clothing etc ) in the exact same vicinity and an addiction to the white sauce which is a secret recipe. Oh, and go easy on the hot sauce, I kid you not, the ‘hot’ in the sauce is a killer.

No Pork Halal Kitchen


Yes, you read that right!! And that my friends is the name of an amazing lil takeaway which we found in Brooklyn after performing Jumuah at the Musjid up Farooq.

A small strictly halal Chinese food eatery run by a Muslim Chinese man, I think that hands down this is the closest you will get to authentic chinese food that is halal and oh so yummy.


Absolutely delicious food, wonderful service and great hospitality- we saw a lady come in as she waited for her bus, when the owner heard she was in a rush he sped things up even more just so she wouldn’t miss the bus. It’s a hit with both Muslims and non Muslims, locals as well as people that make a special trip just for the food.

The place gets very busy, especially on a Friday after prayers, but food is served very quickly and efficiently. There is a small ledge where you can sit down with your food as you look out on to the street as well as a small table which seats about 4. We managed to find places at the ledge and it just added to the whole experience. Portions are large so rather share, since service is so quick you could always top up your order as needed. Also, food here is very very cheap.

A short train ride from Manhattan especially if you take the express train, it’s close to the Musjid as well as a small mall and the popular Modells Sports shop.





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