My Two Cents Worth!

So recently I’ve found myself becoming very quiet on my Facebook page as well as my blog. When I began my Facebook page about 2 years ago, I would religiously post recipes, tips, handy hints or anything that caught my interest sometimes up to 3-4 times a day. My page was my outlet, the people who liked my page, unknown to me, but many became firm friends. Ladies would inbox me the sweetest kindest words of encouragement and thank me for sharing all I did. Posting things I felt would be of interest to others was something I would enthusiastically wait to do.

Then recently I found that I had what I like to call ‘bakers block’ my kitchen, the place I loved most ( after the beach ) was the very place I wanted to steer clear of. Baking became a chore, cooking became the bane of my existence, and as for posting, I told myself it was another sabbatical.

I made excuses to myself that it was due to having overdid things while putting my book together, I also found that the kids classes I so enthusiastically looked forward to hosting each holiday had to be put off due to personal time restraints and obligations almost every holiday.

Finally with some introspection, and with total honesty I realized that apart from all the above excuses, it was also due to the fact that I’ve found over time that the home industry as well as Facebook page and blog scene have quite a strong sense of being like a ‘cartel’ you either made the cut or you didn’t and making the cut mostly boiled down to who you knew and how well you managed to integrate into into the who’s who of those scenes.

I thought back to when I began. Very naively I thought that I could enter the world of home industry’s and help those less privileged enjoy treats they might not normally buy, share recipes with those who also share my interest in the kitchen even if it was recipes that I used for orders. Slowly I learnt and realized that shortly after I started my page, boats were being rocked- people where not too pleased with my pricing ( too low) people feeling I stole ideas ( their ‘ideas’ of course coming straight of the internet) and in the process I saw how people who were once friendly with me were suddenly strangers, it didn’t ruffle my feathers as I felt and still firmly believe that each and every person will only get what has been promised to them by the almighty, nothing more, nothing less.

I enjoyed my classes and enjoyed making up orders and continued till now to share in all I do, sometimes though, as I said, time took over and I posted less than I had at other times.

Recently while in the planning phase for the official Jhb launch of dec.a.dent, I spoke to a friend and put through some of the ideas I had had for the launch, I was advised to cancel certain aspects as ‘I would trample toes because some people are known for having certain aspects in their hosted functions’ I was flabbergasted, I was ready to cancel. Then I sat back and thought to myself that I’d never cared before about what people thought- as long as I know I have a clean heart- so why should I begin now.

I was almost ready to let it get to me, I was ready to cancel the launch, I began neglecting the ladies who became my friends, friends I haven’t met yet always message to say hello or how are you, the ladies who actually believed in me and encouraged me with their sweet inbox messages.

Well, I’ve given it much thought- I’ve found my niche, found something I’m passionate about and thoroughly enjoy doing, I’m not quitting, I’m going to regain my mojo, I’m going to start face booking and blogging more so that others can also enjoy the kitchen rather than find it a chore, so that others can be inspired just as I’m inspired by things that peak my interests.

I’m sorry for the long post, I was extremely uncertain about whether I wanted to actually post this or just keep it all to myself, I hope that by posting it, it has not been going against my better judgement and I promise that this is the first and last serious post that I’ll do, here’s to inspiration, fun cooking, yummy baking and above all love for what is done.

Much love always,


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