My Morrocan Lamb Tagine Recipe


My Lamb Tagine recipe, which I had posted on my Facebook Page a while back. Try it, it’s quick and very very yummy!

“This recipe is for a small parcel of lamb slices which I deboned and trimmed of all fat. The recipe is also completely my own and so please bear with me if there are any faults in taste or look etc.. Unfortunately I always cook ‘ahreh ahreh’ ( without measurements) and so I do not have exact amounts.

Cayenne pepper
Fine pepper- black and white mixed
Paprika- quite a bit
Ground ginger powder
Salt to taste

(cook on low throughout )

Slice and sautĂ© an onion in olive oil and ghee, add crushed garlic and then add your cleaned and washed meat. Braise well, add spices and braise well again. Add 3 chopped tomatoes ( depending on your amounts, you are aiming for a nice thick gravy) Cook on low till meat is tender with a pinch of saffron and some water- I added chopped carrots as well. When almost done add a tsp of clear honey and your dried apricots and dates ( I used mabroom) before serving sprinkle chopped almonds that have been lightly fried and chopped coriander. Serve with cous cous. “

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