Mozart Marvelicious Ice Cream Factory

Being a family of water babies we frequent the Inanda Dam quite often. The last few trips as we passed Hillcrests old Heritage Market, I was soo tempted to stop and see what the Mozart Marvelicious Factory was all about. But always I left it as just a thought, eager to get to the dam without wasting good skiing time. 

On our last trip, as we were ahead of the gang, I decided to ask hubby to stop, because ice cream for breakfast is always a plan right ?!! 

Boy am I glad that I did, I felt like I was in some sort of Willy Wonka land, a small little store but absolutely delightful. Along one wall, ice cream, glorious ice cream.. With little tasters to boot! So you knew exactly which flavours you want to indulge in

Along another wall, toppings galore, every topping you could possibly want or think of.

Two comfy looking seating areas, all I need the next time is a good book and I would be happy staying all day!

Amazingly friendly staff who made our short stay such an enjoyable one, with lots of laughs and they went out of their way to help.

My daughter went for bubblegum with a strange but surprisingly good combo of caramel and of course the mandatory sprinkles.

For me, ermm I mean us, i  we chose ALL the flavours that went well together !! Caramel, Nutella, chocolate, milky bar and banoffee.. Sigh, I was in ice cream heaven, next time I’m having the sorbet, from the tasters I had, they were amazing.

The  Mozart Marvelicious Factory can be found at :

Oxford Village

9 Old Main Road

082 452 7657

We also got some insider scoop with news of new stores which are to soon be opened at the Gateway Mall as well as the Ushaka broad walk.

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