Mamoos Sandwich Shack

Recently a page on my Facebook feed had been abuzz with reviews on a sandwich place I had never heard of, but has been around for sometime according to those in the know. The place in question being a little takeaway in the heart of Overport, called Mamoos Sandwich Shack.

According to those who reviewed the food-  in particular Mamoos legendary steak sandwich- they claimed it was a sandwich that beats a Crystal Sandwich Man sandwich, and at an unbeatable price of R25 this sandwich has now begun making waves.

Being a Saturday, the only day Mamoos trades, we decided to beat the crowds, and placed our order telephonically. The order was placed with ease at 9.45 and at 11.30 we requested to have our pick up time changed from 1.30 to 12.30 which again, was no problem.

Found them with ease at the corner of Clayton and Delta Roads, and the smells emanating was a tantalizing teaser of things to come. Our order took a little longer, but we were prepared for that as the reviews had warned that the sandwich shack gets very busy. The sweet lady who runs the place along with her husband, explained that although orders are taken telephonically, due to walk in orders coming in, things get hectic resulting in some wait time.

That sandwich.. Yummy, filling, fresh, hot, tasty.. Was worth every minute of that wait, and was everything we anticipated and more. Not quite a Crystals type of steak sandwich as the flavours were different, but most definitely one to give the Crystal Sandwich Man a run for their money, not only because they are priced so well, but because there is a good amount of meat to chips ratio. 

The additional fried chips which we purchased had a perfect blend of chilli powder, salt and vinegar and turned out to be the best slap chips that I’ve had in a long time.


Verdict: We loved the legendary steak sandwich and look forward to trying the Prego burger, Chicken sandwich and boerie roll next.

Mamoos Sandwich Shack can be found at: 3 Delta Road, Asherville.

Trading hours: Saturday’s 10am till 3pm

Contact number: 083 792 0063

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