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Woke up this morning and realised that being a Friday, there’s only but a few days till dec.a.dent launches at the amazing Maestro’s Fine Dining. And then, that led to me remembering the taste test which we were treated to just recently at their gorgeous venue.

Maestro's dining area

We met with Chef Ismail and Tasnim, the general manager who also happens to be his sister. What an amazing, vibrant and oh so helpful team. We were invited to be seated and thereupon we feasted on an amazing array of canapés which will form a part of the High tea menu on Wenesday the 4th.

Canapés by Chef Ismail

One word, ‘WOW’!! Upon taking that first bite I was in my own little foodie heaven, each bite led to the palate being treated to an amazing burst of flavour and nothing lacked in any of the canapés we tried.

So on the menu next Wednesday we shall see and delight in
~ Veg Cous-cous salad in phyllo baskets
~ Veg skewers(halloumi, butternut & mushrooms)
~ Spinach & Feta quiche
~ Steak skewers(steak, halloumi &peppadews)
~ Mushroom & leek risotto on papadums
~ Chicken strips with Tartare sauce
~ Calamari Strips with Potato grates
~ Sandwich Swirls

I wish the team at Maestro’s all the success in their ventures and thank them for their collaboration with me for my launch.


3 thoughts on “Maestro’s and musings

  1. I absolutely love Maestros and go there as often as I can. The staff are friendly and its really nice to see either the chef or his sister always at the restaurant. My favourite is the creme brulee with a bit of chocolate at the end. However I must note that I try not to go there when the place is fully booked as it gets very noisy and loud especially when there are kids around.

    1. Ooh, we are long overdue for a proper visit. That creme Brûlée seems legendary now, it’s calling my name more and more 🙂 it’s a lovely setting for adults and especially for ‘date nights’ which I think when married especially with kids, should not stop 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the compliments Safiyya…I will pass it along to my team.
    We are absolutely honoured to be a part of your Big Day and pray that it is just 1 of many more to come 😉
    Tasnim, Ismail & the Maestro’s Team

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