Lemon Butter Hake & Grilled Asparagus with Feta

The other night called for something quick and easy, it was hake fillets which I finally settled on, as I wanted to pair it with the beautiful asparagus spears I had bought.

At first I thought I’d make it nice and creamy using another recipe which is usually my go to, but then I realized that what I actually wanted was something light and healthy and full of flavour. 

I settled on pan frying the fillets and grilling the spears of asparagus and to finish I topped the hake with a lemon butter sauce which had just about a tbls of cream. The end result was delicious and satisfying in every way.

Pan fried lemon butter hake:

In a bowl mix together the following:

Aromat to taste

Freshly cracked black pepper 

Mixed herbs

Gorimas seafood spice- the green herbed spice 

Nomu brands ‘All for one ‘ spice

A generous dash of crushed garlic

Lemon juice

Smear the above on to the hake fillets. Heat some olive oil in a pan, once hot add the hake fillets. Cook on medium to high till the flesh turns white, turn over and cook till the flesh is completely white. While cooking throw over the sauce in which the fish is cooking so that the fish is nicely basted. Do. It over cook. The fish is done once the meat is flaky and white in colour.

Gorimas spices and the Nomu spice are not available in all countries, any herby seafood spice will do as both are spices which are mainly made up of dried herbs which compliment seafood.

Lemon butter sauce ( optional ) 

In a separate saucepan, heat together the following :

A blob of butter, lemon juice, fresh cracked black pepper, salt to taste. Once  bubbling add in a dash of fresh cream and turn of the heat. Throw the sauce over the fish before serving. Serve with freshly chopped coriander.

As much or as little cream can be added to the sauce, depending on personal taste preferences. Do taste as you go along adding more or less of any ingredient to get the flavour you are happy with. It should be not be overly tart and with a pleasant buttery flavour.

Grilled  Asparagus

Place asparagus and tomatoes on a baking pan, drizzle with olive oil. Toss to coat. Then top with salt, fresh cracked black pepper, some mixed herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice. Grill till done. Before serving top with feta cheese.

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