Lal Qilla Low GI Basmati Rice

Recently while shopping for rice, I came across the Lal Qilla brands newest addition which is their LOW GI Basmati rice. 

I stood looking at the rice selection for awhile, while internally debating whether to go with my regular Lal Qilla basmati or this new addition which said it was for managing of obesity and diabetes- not that any of us have those worries, but as of recently we’ve been much more conscious about eating healthier and I must say I like the overall changes I’ve felt.

I was worried about the wording stating it was ‘brown rice’, I mean what if once cooked it was different in colour, my kids wouldn’t touch it! To them rice is white, anything else is me trying to get something healthy ( aka yucky ) into their tummies. Kids!

Well, the manager seemed to sense my confusion and came over to explain. Basically it’s still basmati- cooks the same, tastes the same, looks the same, but it’s healthier than it’s counterparts. Now generally I’d have felt that I’m being conned into buying a more expensive product with sugar coated words, but this rice was actually cheaper than it’s counterparts. Anyway, long story short, it was what I purchased.

Today at the last minute I decided to make up Nandos strips and rice for supper. I took out the rice and left it to soak, but then remembered being advised that this rice will need overnight soaking, as well as a longer cooking time in order to be cooked through.

Not good, because I’m not a night. before. kinda. meal planner person.

I’m a spur of the moment I’ll. cook. this. person. 

Anyway again, long story short, I went ahead and cooked it and was happily surprised to find it cooked in the regular time my rice usually takes to cook, and each grain was beautifully long and flaky and none of them stuck together or got mushy even after steaming, yet it was done to perfection.

So, will I buy this rice again? Yes!!

Will I advise others to try it? Yes!!

Let me know what your thoughts are if if you’ve tried it or once you do try it.

8 thoughts on “Lal Qilla Low GI Basmati Rice

  1. salaams, I have been cooking this lal qilla for a while now, and no soaking required, just was and use. Aknee comes out amazing with this rice!!!

    1. Wslm,

      JazakAllah for the feedback. Good to know there’s no soaking required as I was wondering if it was first time lucky! I’m also very happy with this rice and it’s probably going to be my go to from now on.. PS now I’m liss for aknee!!

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