Iftar Ideas- my take on the junk food cravings.

Often, while fasting one tends to crave foods that aren’t all that healthy and for some reason those cravings seem to hit the worst! 

Here are my fast food go to’s which I try to make with some semblance of healthiness, by airfrying things like my chips, polonys, Viennas and chicken.

Mini burger buns, spread on some sauces, top with a mini patty ( cooked in the air fryer) and a slice of polony ( also cooked in the air fryer ) Add some lettuce and close, using a toothpick to hold it together. Serve with air fried chips.

Chop up a packet of viennas into little rounds and air fry in a little olive oil.. Set aside in a dish. Airfry some chips and set aside in the same dish. Add salt, chilli powder, vinegar, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, chilli sauce and mustard sauce. Spoon into hotdog rolls. Top liberally with cheese. Place each roll onto a separate piece of foil, close well and heat in an oven prior to serving. These can be made up in the morning and heated in the evening.

Another yummy alternative is: A baguette slit open, top with chicken filling, top with polony, then sliced viennas, then masala chips, then mayo, tomato sauce and mustard and finally cheese before being wrapped in foil and heated before serving. Yummy, very filling and simple too.
imageI spread a mixture of sauces onto slit tramezinnis, I then topped it with cut up pieces of chicken, top with chips which I also mixed with sauces and then top with cheese before covering with the ‘lid’ of the tramezinni. Cover it in foil and toast between a sandwich press.

2 thoughts on “Iftar Ideas- my take on the junk food cravings.

  1. Lovely post,jzkl.I’ve just bought an air fryer,please do a post with a few recipes we can do in the air fryer as well as any savouries we can bake In it being Ramadan.

    1. Aww JazakAllah 🙂 hmm to be honest I use my air fryer for almost anything that I feel might work in it- from frying my patha in to to cooking a whole chicken pieces ( I THINK I posted that recipe with pics but I’ll double check ) baking wise I haven’t yet baked anything in it for the simple reason that my quantities are usually to large to put in. Oh, also pitas, they warm so beautifully in it, few seconds in the airfrywr and they taste like they are freshly made 🙂 hope this helps.

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