Ice Cream, Glorious Ice Cream.

Ever since I can remember I have loved ice cream. Summer or winter, rain or shine, I can go through tubs and sticks of ice cream as if it were a food group on its own, so much so, that growing up, my father would laughingly call me ‘Oliver Twist’ as I was always asking for more!

A tub of vanilla ice cream was for me a playground, something to create magic with, all because I could turn a plain vanilla flavour into chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, milo, mocha, strawberry, crunchy with nuts, biscuits, chocolate chunks and the list goes on..!

So when I received an email asking if I’d share an info graphic on ice cream, which had so wonderfully been put together by some company abroad whom I don’t know and haven’t heard of, how I could not say yes! Because ice cream, glorious ice cream is still my favorite food group and never fails to make me feel like a kid every. Single. Time.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the read for it’s quirky and cute imagery and fun facts and then, like me, be tempted to go straight to the freezer for a bowl of happiness.

Much love always,






Image Credit: VanMonster (UK)

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