Hooray it’s a Giveaway!


(Competition Closed)

Yay! After much procrastination it’s finally time for another giveaway. As you all know by now, my giveaways center mostly around the ‘ Pay It Forward ‘ theme which is close to my heart. So, in keeping in line with that as well as ‘ Women’s Month’ Β I’ve decided to do a giveaway with a slight difference!Β 

Before I get into the nitty grittys, let me tell you whats in it for you, the winner.. Up for grabs is a copy of my book dec.a.dent a recipe book filled with recipes of sweet treats from banoffee pie to fried ice cream to Mexican churros to the now popular Angel food cake. This book is a must have in every kitchen whether you are a novice or a skilled cook.

So, how do you enter, and what will be needed of you?!

Everybody has a special lady in their lives, be it their mum, sister, aunt, gran or simply a friend. Each of these ladies have qualities that make them extra special to the lives of the other. What I would love to know is, who that lady in your life is, as well as what qualities do they posses that have touched your heart that extra bit more.

So that’s part one- to answer the question by posting your answer as a comment on this post.

Part 2 is where it gets exciting, the winner will be required to bake any treat from dec.a.dent which they think their person would love to be treated with, and surprise their special person with it. You would need to take a picture of the treat ( preferably with the lady in question) and mail it to me ( should you wish to not have the picture posted I will simply view and delete. )

Ok so that’s the main stuff, now for the nitty grittys πŸ˜‰


– This giveaway is only open to the residents of South Africa.
– A picture of the gifted treat will need to be sent to me either through Whatsapp or via email.
– In order to enter, participants will need to leave a comment on this post, with a reply to the giveaway question.
– All entrants must be ‘likers’ of my Facebook page Vanilla Sugar in order to enter.
– all entrants must ‘share’ the Facebook post about the giveaway.
– All comments / answers will be on public view in the said comments section.
– Competition ends on the 24th August 2014.

12 thoughts on “Hooray it’s a Giveaway!

  1. Definitely my mom who has been through an abusive relationship but still came out strong and is there for me. She always encourages me that we all deserve the best and never settle for anything less. She also says be strong have patience no matter what life throws at me. Everything will get better. It has too πŸ™‚

  2. You guessed it…. my MOM! She is a 70 year old “recycled teenager”. Although we have been through tough times (losing my kids, her grandkids in a tragic event) we left each other room to grow. We have an extrenely special bond she is more like a friend than a mom. For me the scariest thought is that she will not be around forever. My mom is always positive – she is the one that told be through her deeds: if life hands you lemons make lemonade.

  3. About half an hour ago I hear someone hoot outside. .. To my surprise it was my mum. .. she popped by to drop off some hot hot kebaab chutney and rotis + a punnet of strawberries, yummm. ..( Mum knew my son is teething and I wouldn’t bother having lunch).she’s busy working yet she thought of me and made such an effort to see that I eat…ALLAH bless her.
    My special lady. … my mum or as I affectionately call her mumma!
    All my years of growing up I’ve been spoiled,mum used to do everything from the cooking to the baking. .. You name it, I used to offer to make the salad but would end up sitting with my YOU magazine instead. .. Come supper time everything used to be laid ready for me to eat. When I got married (6 years ago), I didn’t know how to cook at all, I remember phoning mum and asking for recipes of curries. ..I still have those bits of papers I took them down on. ALHAMDULILLAH my cooking is getting better. .. Mum is so proud of me coz now I cook, bake, make desserts etc…I always tell her how I wish I was like this when i was at home with her…Would love to win a copy of your book, would definitely make something for my special lady…I’m 24 and she still calls me her baby…ah! Mothers!

  4. The Special Lady in my life is my mum. She has been my pillar of strength through everything I have been through in my life. It has been her stern, lol enjoyable teaching in the kitchen that has given me the love for baking and cooking. My mum is always there to guide me with her baking/cooking skills and in all walks of life not just in the kitchen. I always remember the time I started learning how to bake and made the mistake of putting less eggs in my recipe for the flour quantity so instead of making a 1/2 recipe small cake I would have to make a full recipe big cake, lol. Just more cake for us to eat. Lessons learnt from my mum is treasures. I would love to bake the goodies from your recipe book for my mum, trying new recipes are always fun.

  5. Oooh. That’s a tricky question.to me all the ladies hold a special place in my heart.someone or the other thought me many valuable things in life.but the one that holds it the most is my aunt fauzia.we have a unique bond.she understands me better than myself.she’s kind,loving,some1 whom I can share my deepest ,darkest secrets with and always motivated me.I love her to bits.my kids love her too much too and they get more excited to see her.lol

    1. Aslmkm πŸ™‚ not a dumb Q, I probably didn’t outline things properly πŸ™‚

      Step 1 is to enter by answering the question- who is the special lady in your life and why.

      Step 2 is for the winner- whoever wins, will receive the book and then they would need to
      pay it forward by baking a special treat from the book for the lady in question.

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚ all the best.

  6. The lady that introduced me to cooking and baking is my dear mum. At the tender age of 10, she taught me how to cook a simple dish that is now a firm favourite in our household. She taught me how to prepare sugar beans curry as well as how to make roti. Well my first few tries of rolling roti ended up been flying saucers,ovals or squares but with the constant direction and advice from my mum I became a roti queen, rolling out the perfect round shape. Because of her love for food together with her guidance and secrets tips and tricks I have learnt the art of cooking from the soul, which shows in my food.

    She is also my pillar of strength whenever I need emotional support or a shoulder to cry on.

    Her calming nature and her words of wisdom always keep me focused in the right direction.

    She has taught me that I should always strive to help others, her favorite words are “service to man is service to God.

    Don’t tell her but she has such a sweet tooth so I’m hoping that I can spoil her with a few delicious treats soon.

    Love her to the moon and back πŸ™‚

  7. My gran is the extra special woman in my life and her special quality that touched my heart is all of her kitchen wisdom (she turned 88 years old this yea) She taught me to cook like a pro and because of her I can cook up the most delicious dishes, sadly she isn’t able to cook anymore due to an eye illness that made her vision really bad., but she still has lots of knowledge to share. I know everyone always says no one can cook like their mom, but no one can cook like my gran! I’d love to spoil her with a special recipe from your book.

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