H.O.P.E : Hold On, Pain Ends. 30 days for Hope.

This week I received an email requesting help in using my social media space, in order to help others. Not just anyone, but in particular, an orphanage. By now, many of you would have realized just how much space in my heart I have for kids and kids in orphanages in particular, and so of course I did not even have to hesitate before saying I would be happy to help.

So, this Ramadhan I would like to assist in fundraising for Hope Nursery in Turkey. Based on the Turkish-Syrian border, this nursery caters for 70 children and is in dire need of support to keep the  facility open.

 An e-book has been put together to help you have a healthy and beneficial Ramadhan whilst also raising money to support Hope Nursery. This 125 page e-book packed full of recipes, fitness tips, motivational articles and much more for just £4.99!! Grab your copy today and support the children at Hope Nursery.

Located in the village of Yayladagi, in the Hatay provenance in southern Turkey, Hope nursery caters for 70 children who have fled the disastrous turmoil in Syria. The nursery opens 5 days a week, delivering a basic curriculum to the vulnerable children of this disaster who would otherwise be left without basic education . The school is entirely run on private donations.

The donations are sent directly to the nursery manager, via Doctor’s Worldwide Turkey. The funds raised are used to pay for rent, bills, a mini bus, teacher salaries and material expenses. Please remember these children in your dua’as this Ramadhan. May Allah SWT protect the children of our Ummah and give us all the opportunities to continue to support them.

In order to help all that you need to do is have a look at and then purchase the newly launched e-book which is chock full of great stuff for Ramadhan. This 125 page e-book is packed full of:

  • Goals list
  • Daily checklist
  •  Daily recipe
  •  Action of the day
  •  Facts on Sunnah foods
  •  Personal development essays

Purchase your copy for just £4.99! All profit will be donated straight to the nursery via Doctor’s Worldwide.

 Read more about the e-book here. They also welcome donations at:



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