Falooda & Jelly

Milk and jelly falooda, either on their own or together is a must have for my kids in my home ever since they were little, even though they’re now young adults the after tarawih treat has remained an unbreakable tradition.

Milk falooda:

1/2 L milk

125 ml fresh cream

1 tsp Vanilla essence

1 level tsp falooda pwd

1/2 tin condensed milk

Boil the above, cool and set in bowls.

Chill till set.

Jelly falooda:

1 1/4 tsp falooda powder

1 1/2 cup jungle yum syrup

4 cups boiled water

Mix falooda pwd in an extra 1/4 cup of water.

Add the falooda mix and the boiling water to a pot.

Bring to a boil.

Remove from heat.

Add the juice.

Cool and pour into serving bowls.

Chill till set.

Tip: To get the angled look, pour in your liquid till the halfway mark of your serving bowl. Place it gently at an angle in a cupcake pan until set. Once set make the second mixture, leave upright, cool and pour into the serving bowl, then chill till set.

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