Eggless 2 Minute Cookie In A Cup

Having time on my hands, a chilled overcast afternoon and a 21 day sugar and bread free challenge coming up, it almost felt like a 2 minute cookie in a cup was begging to be made and eaten.

I had to oblige, my heart said bugger it, but my mind, hmph, just had a mind of its own and insisted I make it. Well, indulge I did, but not on my own, between my girls and myself, it was done and dusted with a few bites between each of us šŸ˜‰

Too quick, too easy and too yummy, it hits the spot. 

The original recipe was forwarded on Facebook I think, as with many recipes I find interesting it was stored in my devices camera roll for awhile now, attached is my tweaked version. Enjoy.

2 Minute Eggless Choc Chip Cookie
3 tbls flour

1 tbls butter

1 tbls brown sugar

1 tbls white sugar

A dash of vanilla essence

2 tsp milk

Pinch of salt

A dash of chocolate chips


Melt the butter in a ramekin or mug for 30 seconds.

Add the sugars and essence and stir.

Add the flour, salt and milk and stir again.

Fold in some of the choc chips, scatter the reminder on top.

Place in the microwave on high for 50-60 seconds.

Serve warm with ice cream. 

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