dec.a.dent Launches!

On Wednesday the 4th June 2014, dec.a.dent made its debut at Maestros on Ridge. The turnout was overwhelming and very humbling, a 98 people event.

Through gods grace, everything went amazingly well and judging by the numerous messages received via Whatsapp, BBM, SMS, and Facebook messaging, the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The awesome, delicious array of canapés were prepared by Chef Ismail and his team and the decadent desserts were prepared by myself and my loving team which consisted of my husband, mother in law, sister in laws and my dear kids 🙂

To all those that attended, who are fans of my Facebook page Vanilla Sugar, a big big Thank You, and for those that attended without really knowing about me and the book, a big big thank you to you as well.

So many words can be used for the event, but I always feel that a picture is worth a thousand words, so, have a look through the gallery of pictures. Interaction with you guys is important to me, so go on and leave a comment as well, or even two 😉

Much love always

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