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imageAbout dec.a.dent:

> Just received it, YOU ARE A STAR!!!!!! Book is beautiful!!! Love the recipes…… ♡♥♡ Cant wait to try all your easy peasy recipes!!!!!!

> Slms, how are you? Just had to let you know that your book isn’t making things easier on my waistline. Tried the brownies and the berry tiramisu, both came out divine. Jazakallah for the inspiration.

> Slms Safiyya
Jazakallah sooo much.
The book is amazing
May allah bless u always
Absolutely enjoying it
Cant wait to start baking.

> Slms, Hope you are well. Carrot cake ( recipe from dec.a.dent ) was delicious, huge hit with my guests that evening 🙂

> Slms. How are you. Tried my first recipe from your book. Best doughnut recipe ever.. Substituted flour for selfraising flour.

> Aslmkm, how are you? Just wanted to say I made the angel food cake from your recipe book and it came out lovely. Everyone enjoyed it 🙂 Made it for Eid. Can’t wait to try out the other recipes ان شاء ﺂللَّہ

> Finally got my hands on your recipe book..tried your chocolate volcano and it is by far the best I’ve ever tasted! Can’t wait to try the others looking forward to your next recipe book xxx

> Assalamualaikum how are you, wanted to let you know I made your doughnuts from your recipe book and they came out perfect. Already eaten about four!

> Assalamu alaykum, hope this message finds you in the best of health and Imaan. Aameen. Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your recipe book, its one of the nicest that I’ve come across in recent times. Vanilla pods, Nutella, Lindt and all the other yummies are just up my alley! Just went through your blog as well and its equally lovely and inspiring! JazakAllaah for sharing with us.

> Slmz. How are you.. Mum and I are loving your recipe book…take care
..enjoy your weekend.

> Salaams:) received ur recipe book as a gift. I tried out ur carrot cake yesterday n it was so yummy!! Today i made the crunchie chocolate pudding and it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g…my husband and I couldn’t stop eating it:D everything looks great, cant wait to try out other recipes.

> Salaam
I have received my order already.
Very impressed.
Cant wait to start trying the recipes out – they sound so yummy.

About my baking!

> Aslmkm, macaroons were divine! and a real hit! thanks so much.

> Just wanted to let you know the swiss roll was a huge hit. Everyone really enjoyed it.

> Slms, how are you? JazakAllah for taking my order on Friday. The cake was divine. Everyone really enjoyed it.

> Slmz tried the dougnuts from your book was 👍 grandchildren -> now you see the doughnuts, now you dont!!

> Jzk for everything! The pavlova went down very well and so did the coffee cakes, think there was 1 cake left on the tray!😃

> aslmkm
hope all is well…..the macarons were delicious….

> Shukran! The cookies are divine! Will definitely be ordering from u again soon ☺️

> Slms, the biscuits were lovely .. Funny enough, they were a hit with adults , not so much the kids .. The small ones found them too crispy.. My mum loves it!

> Slmz. Jazakalllah, really thank you soooo much. The smores were diviine!! 😍 They looked so good but tasted even better😩 my whole family loved them especially my brother in gr 7, he didnt take his hands off the box the entire time in the car 😂 They were so good thank you so much. My mummy says thank you too💕.

> Assalamu alaykum, hope you are well and had a lovely long weekend💝haven’t been much in touch but wanted to let u know that I always love getting new blog posts of yours…I tried out the naked coconut cake last night and it is oh so yummy👍🌹soft, fluffy and the flavours are mmmm… A definite winner in our home. Eggs are good for you so we didn’t mind the eggs, lol. JazakAllaah for sharing😘

Macaron Class:

> Slmz.. Wanted to say jzk so much for the class, it helped me so much.. I just made my first batch of macarons on my own and was a success😊..

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