Coo-ee’s Cool New Flavours

Recently we received a gift from close friends which was made up of all the new Coo-ee soft drink flavours. Being one that chooses water over soft drinks, these flavours did me in with the litchi being my absolute favorite! 

For me the cranberry was too sweet but the kids loved it as they said it tasted like candy, again litchi took first place all round,  when well chilled it is as my son put it ‘Like having a frozen litchi pudding’ !

As for the fusion flavours, from all the soft drinks on the market we have always enjoyed the fusion flavours most, and these new flavours did not disappoint. 

Coo-ee is most definitely overtaking other soft drinks in the popularity stakes with their competitive pricing and uhmazing flavours. 

Try them and let me know what you think in the comments section of this post 🙂

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