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Coffee Date Smoothie

While I was on the clean gut program we drank only smoothies at breakfast. They weren’t the tastiest as we had to do without honey and fruits besides berries, but they were absolutely filling…

So this ramadaan my sehris have been smoothies and a glass of water.

I find that I’m full all day and with enough energy to keep me going. Because I can’t handle the smell and taste of a cappuccino during ramadaan, I incorporate it into my usual nesquik drink or in this case my smoothies.

This particular recipe was surprisingly delicious and thoroughly enjoyable. The protein powder helps fill you up, while the flax is rich in fiber amongst the many other benefits.

I use almond milk for the nutrients afforded there, and I am a huge fan of black seeds ( kulunji or nigella seeds) as beside the many benefits it has, it is also a sunnah and that’s where my honey plays it’s role as an accompaniment to the kulunji, as honey is a sunnah as well- the 2 when taken together are a treasure trove of benefits for ones body.