Bunny Chow| Deconstructed


Bunny chow, bunny or ‘Kota’ has got to be one of Durbans favorite and most popular ‘dishes’. A South African fast food dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry and originating in the Indian community of Durban, this is one dish that requires no utensils, is filling, quite cheap, delicious and often shared as a meal.

Fillings can be vegetarian, meaty or a combination with a nice saucy gravy which is meant to soak into the bread ‘walls’ thereby adding to the flavour. Round it off with a side of ‘kachoombar’ or sambals made up of grated carrot, chopped onion and some chopped green chilli.

Having made up a pot of beans the other night, my youngest began craving a bunny. So today while at PnP, she reminded me about my promise of a bunny chow supper.

PnP sells a most delicious loaf of uncut bread, it was fresh out the oven when we bought it and it was all we could do to not dig in and eat part of it in the car!

Once home, I warmed the pot of sugar beans which I had made. Divided the loaf into portions for each of us, thereby making individual bunnys. I then hollowed out the bread, filled with the beans and served with the sambals. Absolutely hit the spot on this very rainy, very windy Durban day.

Sent some over to my dear neighbor who had sent over a most delicious bowl of haleem. For her, in order to be able to reheat when needed, I deconstructed her portion as seen in the picture above. Unfortunately I was out of coriander and so I couldn’t garnish- the coriander while being a great garnish, also adds so much more to the flavour of the dish once eaten.

PS apologies for the poor quality of pictures, most times I end up taking pics at night and am more often than not in a huge hurry.

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