Books and blogs- New beginnings

Hello all, thank you to those that have taken the time to visit the site. Unfortunately since it has just begun, content is very limited, don’t stop visiting as I will be updating and adding content as much as I can. Now, instead of recipes being lost in the albums of Facebook, you will be able to now search and find them with more ease, well that’s the plan anyway 😉 Thank you

As with all new beginnings there’s always a learning curve, and right now for us, it feels like we are babies learning to walk! But, we are getting there at a decent pace.. I think!!

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With regard to purchase of the book, its simple. All you need to do is click on the link that says ‘products page’ then click on ‘dec.a.dent’, choose how many books you would like to purchase, before you finally proceed to checkout which should show as ‘shopping cart’ at the bottom right of your screen. At this time, only credit card purchases or EFT’s are allowed.

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One thought on “Books and blogs- New beginnings

  1. Aslkm
    Will it be possible to do a direct bank deposit as I will not be able to do an eft nor can I pay via credit card.I am prepared to pay any additional bank charges.

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