Baking With the Girls of VII.

Last Sunday I had the opportunity of collaborating with and visiting the Verulam Islamic Institute, or VII as its referred to. The girls of the institute ( 130 young ladies )usually leave the school to spend their holidays with their families, but this year, as Ramadaan fell during the holidays, an initiave was made, to have those that wanted to be in an Islamic environment spend the month at the school instead.

During their time spent at the school, individuals were encouraged to offer their time to the girls, and so collaborations were made in order to engage the young ladies in fun activities.

I received a BBM broadcast with some basic info, and knew immediately that I wanted to give my time and pay it forward by doing a class with the girls. I knew that, not only did I want to teach the girls a spot of baking, but I wanted it to be something fun, different and something that could be used to empower them.

The premises has a kitchen but unfortunately there is no oven ( something that I am definitely going to work towards hopefully getting donated to them ) and so the baking class quickly turned into a dessert making class. Enter banoffee pies and dessert spring rolls, both of which were taken from dec.a.dent my recipe book as they are quick, easy, yummy and fun for the girls to make.

My helpers and I, which included my daughter, mother in law and 2 of my dear sister in laws met the 80 young ladies at 10am for what turned out to be a very fun, fulfilling and entertaining day for ourselves as well as the girls.

When it was time to leave at 12, it was with a feeling of happiness, promises of more classes after Ramadaan from myself, and many shouts of ‘come back soon and teach us more’ from the girls.

Should you wish to help in anyway, feel free to contact Sister Aneesa on 083 2824176, an amazing lady who constantly donates her time and helped me make my day there possible, as well as a success.

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