Baking With The Girls of VII- Take 2

On Sunday the 5th July, I was once again given the opportunity of collaborating with and visiting the Verulam Islamic Institute, or VII as its referred to. The girls of the institute ( 130 or so young ladies ) usually leave the school to spend their holidays with their families, but this year, once again, as Ramadaan fell during the holidays, an initiative was made, to have those that wanted to be in an Islamic environment spend the month at the school instead.

Being the holidays, with no school work being done, volunteers were once again encouraged to offer their time to the girls, and so collaborations were made in order to engage the young ladies in fun activities.

Last year, together with the help of my mother in law, sisters in law and daughters, I got the girls of VII busy with banoffee pies as well as chocolate filed spring rolls.

This year saw us busy with personal pizzas along with rocky road popcorn.. Yes such a thing exists and it’s crazy delicious too 🙂

The girls of VII were once again a wonderful group to work with, with this year seeing 50 girls able to attend. Well mannered, neatly attired and with impeccable manners these girls amaze me, so much so that there was also a young lady who was completely visually impaired yet she managed to put together her goodies with the help of her friends as they cheerfully worked in groups. 

Alhamdulillah ( Praise to God ) this year also saw us able to help the girls with an oven, something which they have been without, and which last year was something I promised myself that I would try to help them with, as well as a lovely stack of board games and puzzles for their library- their smiles of joy were priceless, we take games and books for granted and here, these girls had their day made! 

Our day in pictures:

Pizza boxes ready to fold, recipes and ingredients await the girls.

The girls prepping their pizza boxes.

Step by step, they worked their magic.

Topping as per each girls preference.

Yummy, yummy the smells made our fasts that much harder !

Smiley faces all round.

And then the artists decorated their pizza boxes. 

The end. Till next year Insha Allah ( If Allah Wills ) 💖

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