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A mother and wife with a crazy passion for the kitchen ( and baking Macarons! ) Join me on my culinary adventures into the world of all things foodie and let me share with you my recipes which I hope will awaken taste buds and tantalize the soul, show you tips and ideas on how to make things more simple in the home and kitchen, review products I eye and buy, as well as review places I think are worth a visit.

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I am the Author of dec.a.dent the recipe book for every home and also a home based baker for those times when you need the treats but don’t have the time to whip them up on your own! All baking is made from only the freshest and best ingredients and only pure butter and cream is used.


Much love always

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  1. Salams,

    Sorry to bother you… Can you help me with these queries?

    Is there a market for a angel food cake tins?
    What do you think a good retail price would be?
    Would you be able to sell them? How many per month?

    Jazakallah & wasalam

    Basheer Noorgat
    032-551 3300

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